Key trends in automotive - free infographic

Few markets are as competitive as automotive. Little surprise when you consider we spend more on our car than just about anything apart from property.

There are a couple of consumer groups in this sector that are especially sought after: those who spend towards the higher end of the car price spectrum and those who are actively looking to buy a vehicle in the coming months.

Using our in-depth TGI consumer data we have created a detailed infographic looking at the car buying market as a whole and in particular these two key groups. The results make for fascinating analysis. For example, 29% of car owners in Britain intend to buy a new car in the next two years and of these 9% are seeking to buy in the next three months.

In addition, those who spent £18,000 or more on their car are particularly likely to have expensive tastes in other areas of life as well and are 30% more likely to be in the TGI lifestage group ‘Empty Nesters’

Find out more about these key audiences and what makes them tick. Simply fill in the box to the right to access the free report.

Automotive infographic

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