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The holidays landscape has changed a great deal over the years. To understand what is driving consumer behaviour in the holidays market today we undertook a unique multi-dimensional research project into travel practices and preferences. We consequently identified three particularly adventurous types of traveller:


Risk takers and thrill seekers, for whom travel is about having an active, highly stimulating adventure.


Genuine immersion in the local culture is key for the Independents. They like to get off the beaten track and even book their travels independently.


For Motivateds, image is everything and they love to show off what an amazing time they are having on holiday to their friends.

For each segment we examined the different types of holiday behaviour, including:

  • Favourite locations
  • Top holiday activities
  • Types of holiday taken
  • Priority areas for holiday spend
  • How they talk about travel on social platforms
  • Sources used to plan holidays

In addition, we have explored in-depth into the attitudes and demographic profiles that make each of these segments what they are.

The differences between the groups and from travellers as a whole make for fascinating reading to anyone involved in targeting within the travel sector and we have summarised the key findings into an engaging infographic.

To view the key findings and download the infographic, simply fill in the short form on the right.

Certain key findings from this research were published recently in leading travel industry title Travel Trade GazetteYou can view the article here.

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Holiday Pioneers - download infographic

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