Meghan's infectious magnanimity

As Meghan Markle turns 38, she finds her life rather different and more in the spotlight than even the high profile existence she already had just a few short years ago – married to a prince, living in London and with a new baby in tow.

Meghan has many fans – and a few critics – amongst the British public. Here we use our TGI Consumer Data to explore both the extent to which Brits have taken the Duchess of Sussex to their hearts, as well as how well the values of her fans fit with her own well known environmental values and philanthropy work.

Meghan more popular than many prominent celebs

Our TGI Consumer Data reveals that 26% of British adults (aged 15+) claim to like Meghan. This makes her more popular than a range of high profile celebrities, such as Jamie Oliver (liked by 25%), Rihanna (18%), Nigella Lawson (20%) and Russell Brand (13%).

Only 8% of adults are Meghan critics

Meghan can be pleased that only 8% of adults claim to dislike her - a far cry from the 44% who profess to dislike Kim Kardashian and the 40% who have an aversion to Piers Morgan.

Meghan is slightly more likely to find fans amongst women, with British female adults 20% more likely than the average to be a fan of hers.

Meghan’s fans likely to hold similar values to the Duchess

Meghan has a long history of philanthropy pre-dating her meeting Prince Harry. She has helped in soup kitchens, worked with both a youth empowerment charity and humanitarian organisation World Vision. Beyond this, she has a keen interest in environmental protection and is also setting up this year a new charitable organisation with her husband.

Those who like Meghan are significantly more likely than those who don’t to share her values.

When it comes to environmental values, TGI Consumer Data reveals that only 16% of those who like Meghan believe that there is too much concern with the environment, compared to 23% of those who dislike her. Similarly, only 19% of Meghan fans would agree that it’s not worth then doing things to help the environment if others don’t do the same, compared to 26% of those who do not care for the Duchess.

Other values of Meghan’s are also reflected amongst her supporters, not least a willingness to support charities. 71% of those who like Meghan say they welcome the National Lottery’s contribution to charitable causes, compared to only 54% of her critics. In addition, 64% would be willing to volunteer their time for a good cause, compared to only 52% of those who dislike Meghan.

Meghan fans are celebrity fans, advertising fans and generally want to look good

Beyond sharing her values, Meghan fans are also particularly interested in celebrities per se and are 27% more likely than the average adult to agree they enjoy watching ads featuring their favourite celebrities.

They are also more open to advertising generally than the typical consumer, with TGI Consumer Data revealing that they are 25% more likely to agree that advertising helps them to choose what they buy and 22% more likely to say they are tempted to buy products they have seen advertised.

Being seen with the right style and in the right places is important to Markle fans. They are 22% more likely to say they like to go to trendy places to eat and drink and 20% more likely to like to keep up with the latest fashions.

Mobile internet and online competitions can be an efficient way to reach Meghan’s admirers – as well as Vogue!

When it comes to media consumption, Markle fans are 21% more likely than the average adult to be amongst the heaviest fifth of users of mobile internet. Digging deeper, they are 21% more likely than the average smartphone-owning adult to regularly use their mobile to participate in games, contests and votes.

Meghan’s recent high profile editing of Vogue magazine is also an excellent fit with her fans. The TGI Consumer Data reveals that her supporters are 44% more likely than the average adult to claim they ‘almost always’ read Vogue.

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