Discover our Digital Advertising Intelligence solution

Our Digital Advertising Intelligence solution brings together paid and organic search and digital display advertising insights to meet all digital advertising intelligence insight needs, enabling brands and media agencies to:

  • Evaluate (and thus enhance) share of voice in the search and display marketplace
  • Analyse the campaign details of competitors
  • Target search and ad spend more efficiently across desktop, mobile and video
  • Achieve a greater ROI across digital advertising campaigns

A unique solution

We are unique in the UK in offering a comprehensive solution that provides insights into both search and digital display advertising. This includes measurement of 2.5 billion search result pages per month across 14 search engines, 50+ countries and access to a database of over 150TB of daily digital advertising intelligence covering over 20 countries.

With access to insights on creative campaigns and spend estimates, this solution gives you the visibility you need into how effectively your and your competitors’ digital strategy is performing across display advertising and search marketing.


Included with the solution:

  • Straightforward and intuitive self-serve platform to identify relevant insights within your industry and plan effective digital campaigns for your brand.
  • Channel coverage for search and display across desktop, mobile and video.
  • The ability to track your brand’s spend and performance against that of your competitors, meaning you can benchmark impact and share of voice across industry sectors and verticals.
  • Access to a range of campaign variables at your fingertips: volume, countries, key words.
  • A dedicated account manager to support you in gaining optimal use from the solution.

For more about the solution, you can read our press release, or see the links to the right which give more information individually about our search and digital display advertising capabilities. Alternatively, simply get in touch using the form to the right, or call 0203 811 1397.

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