Moving Pictures: The Persuasive Power of Video

Why is mobile video skyrocketing around the world?

It may be that our eyes just can't look away...

Facebook IQ commissioned Kantar Media to conduct a biometric analysis, a survey and interviews among people who regularly watch short-form videos online. We uncovered five factors related to the rise of video viewing.

1. Smartphones are driving the video movement

People surveyed in the UK are 1.20x more likely to watch video daily on a smartphone than on a computer.



2. Attention spans seem to be getting shorter

67% prefer videos in under 10 minutes.

3. Binge watching has become second nature for millennials

54% say they watch large numbers of video clips in a row, 54% do so without even consciously realising it.



4. Context still counts

Among lab participants in the UK and UEA. Video on Instagram inspires 1.80x higher levels of joy among viewers than the same content viewed on other platforms.

5. Novelty and movement are practically irresistible

Among lab participants in the UK and UEA. People spend 5x longer looking at video than static content on Facebook and Instagram. 360 video increases people's level of joy 1.40x more than standard video

What it means for marketers…

  • Create video for mobile – Inject irresistible, mobile optimised creative into feeds to ignite action
  • Make it short and sweet – Capture attention quickly and feature your brand and key messaging up front
  • Build video to surprise and delight - Experiment with new formats to find out what works best for your brand and campaign objectives.
    To find our more about the research

Read the full article and watch Greta Baisch, Facebook explain our findings here

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