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The gaming market has exploded in recent years and is expected to witness strong growth into the future. The reasons for this are varied and today there are all sort of different types of gamer in Great Britain. Our free new in-depth report into gaming amongst consumers in Britain, drawn from our Great Britain TGI study into consumer behaviour and characteristics, reveals key insights into today's gamers, including:

  • How many adults take part in gaming today and how they go about playing games (console, mobile etc)
  • Who spends the most on games and an exploration of different attitudes towards spend on gaming by different types of gamer
  • Six distinct gamer types as defined through the TGI gaming segmentation, from 'Console Kings' to 'App-store Addicts'
  • What types of adult comprise each gaming segment, which attitudes differentiate them from other gamers and through which media they can most effectively be reached

To download the full report, please complete the short form above right. Some of the key stats from the report also feature in a recent article by leading gaming media outlet MCV. You can see the article here.

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