Smart Speaker Trends in Britain and Globally

Did you pick up an Amazon Echo or Google Home speaker last Black Friday or for Christmas? Many will have done, adding to the burgeoning proportion of consumers globally who own voice activated smart devices.   

This format of voice-led search and media streaming presents both a challenge and opportunity to marketers, but it is one all will need to master as the march towards being mainstream for such tech is very much underway.    

However, levels of adoption for smart speakers - and indeed for other smart home appliances - fluctuate widely by country and it is thus key to understand to what extent consumers do or do not currently rely on this tech in particular markets.    

Leveraging latest data from Kantar’s TGI Global Quick View Consumer Data, that compares the consumer behaviour of internet-using consumers in 22 markets worldwide, we can examine adoption of smart speakers and other smart tech.    

Furthermore, we can explore where the differences lie and what makes owners different from other connected adults. We shall also take a deep-dive into smart speaker adoption in Great Britain.   

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