Social Media Report - Friday 5th August 2016

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Twitter prepares for #Rio2016

Twitter has launched hundreds of emojis to help users interact with the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, consisting mostly of competing countries’ flags. Tweeting one of the 207 country initials, such as #GRE for Greece, will trigger the miniature flag. Each sport has also been assigned its own icon, as have various events. Users access these emojis in a similar way, for example #Gold, #Silver and #Bronze will bring up mini medallions, while #OpeningCeremony will trigger a firework emoji and #Olympics brings up a gold wreath. The Refugee Olympic Team flag can be accessed by tweeting #ROT.

The social network is also ramping up Twitter Moments, its curated news feed, adding a new Rio 2016 section which will include dedicated feeds for key sporting events and country-specific tweets. These will be available in the US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Brazil and Australia. Two additional Moments feeds will let users keep track of the day’s highlights and medal count. As part of Twitter’s Olympic push, it is creating a dedicated Olympic channel on Periscope and its video-looping app Vine will host Olympic-related content in tis ‘Explore’ section. If this is not enough, the social network’s on-site installation will allow tweets to be projected live on Rio’s aqueduct, Arcos da Lapa..

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Shredded Wheat launches ‘shredding’ brand platform

Nestlé Cereals and agency McCann have developed a new brand platform for Shredded Wheat to message consumers that the breakfast will enable them to ‘shred’ life, rather than just ‘do’ it. The “Shredded” campaign created by McCann London will run across TV, social media and press with user-generated content forming the backbone of the push, driven by activity to encourage and reward individuals to take part. Social listening will follow events, and there will be a Shredded newsroom to try to generate social buzz and ensure and Shredded Wheat becomes part of broader conversations. There will also be guerrilla events to help generate noise around “Shredded” as a platform.

A 30-second TV advert will support the social media activity. Toby Baker, marketing director of Nestlé Cereals, said the new “Shredded” platform was “an evolution of the brand we know and love, to maintain its relevance in today’s world.”

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Instagram launches Snapchat-style Stories

Instagram has unveiled its new ‘Stories’ feature that allows users to create ephemeral chronological slideshows of their images, videos and Boomerang loops, lasting just 24 hours. The latest addition strongly resembles Snapchat’s section of the same name, and was designed to let users of the Facebook-owned social network show their followers what is happening ‘behind the scenes’ of their feeds, without clogging up their profiles, “Stories lets you share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile,” a spokesman for Instagram revealed. The new feature, which is only available in the mobile app, has a pen annotation tool, similar to Snapchat, as well as common Instagram filters. After uploading a section of a story, users can decide whether to let it disappear after 24 hours or add it to their permanent feed. However, as with Snapchat, the picture won’t completely vanish, but will be stored by Instagram on its servers.

Instagram has seen its user numbers soar by 25% to 500 million in the last year and has released a number of updates, including a new logo and algorithm-based timeline. It is also rolling-out a service designed to help accounts that attract a high number of comments to moderate ‘negative’ responses. The new function will give selected users the ability to filter out keywords and switch off comments from individual posts. Model Chrissy Teigen has revealed she is among those chosen to preview the product, before a wider roll-out.;

Snapchat introduces location-specific stickers

Snapchat is rolling out new location-specific stickers, which are now available in 10 cities worldwide. They have a similar look to the social network’s other stickers, but with designs specific to either London, Sydney, Paris, Sao Paulo, Riyadh, New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Honolulu. As with Snapchat’s Geofilters, the Geostickers will only appear to people in the cities they represent. To find them, Snapchatters must first enable their location services within the app’s settings. They can then be sent in chat messages, just like normal stickers, either pinned inside videos or stuck on top of photos.

The feature has already been rolled out in San Francisco, with 15 stickers available, including caricatures mocking tech culture, moaning about rising rents and highlighting local landmarks.

LinkedIn moves into video

LinkedIn has announced it is to begin hosting user-generated videos, starting with an invitation-only group of 500 LinkedIn ‘Influencers’ - users who have a significant number of followers and who regularly post content. This initial 500 will make short (30-seconds-or-less) video responses to questions put to them or to the community at large. The influencers will use LinkedIn’s new “Record” app, which for now is only accessible to these influencers. Video has been a major growth engine for social media platforms, with Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat all building or acquiring video-based features. Early examples of LinkedIn’s videos are said to be best described as Quora-style questions about leadership challenges or the impact of artificial intelligence, which marry with LinkedIn’s themes around professional development and trends in the working world.

LinkedIn product manager Jasper Sherman-Presser said the feature will be expanded to more users in the future: “We see this as part of the tools that people can use to successfully build out their personal brands,” he said.;

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