Social Media Report - Friday 22nd April 2016

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The Queen to appoint social media chief

Buckingham Palace is looking to appoint a Head of Digital Engagement. A posting on the official British Monarchy website calls for candidates experienced in managing ‘high-profile websites’ and ‘comfortable developing strategy and managing wide-reaching projects.’ The successful applicant will run the existing royal Facebook and Twitter accounts, and be expected to find new ways to attract followers and appeal to a worldwide audience. The Queen’s first tweet was in 2014, when she posted a message to the world from the London Science Museum - signing it ‘Elizabeth R’ - and she now has around 2.16 million followers, as well her own website and YouTube channel. The new role will focus on the development of a digital communication strategy, but warns: ‘The reaction to our work is always high-profile, and so reputation, brand and impact will be at the forefront of all you do.’

While Her Majesty doesn’t have nearly as many followers as Taylor Swift or Kim Kardashian, she easily beats her grandchildren. Kensington Palace - the account for Princes William and Harry - has a mere 629,000 followers.

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Jaguar uses social to reposition as an 'accessible luxury brand'

Jaguar has launched a ‘New Generation of Jaguar’ campaign to promote its latest XE and F-PACE models. The promotion spans TV, display ads, paid social, programmatic and native ads in a bid to shift its established image as a maker of cars affordable by the few. It is the first time that Jaguar has targeted the 18-34-year-old bracket with a product that is affordable for that age group. ‘The No. 1 goal of our campaign today is to let people know that Jaguar is an accessible luxury brand,’ said Kim Kyaw, head of digital, social and CRM for Jaguar and Land Rover. The XE and the F-PACE are seen as vital to Jaguar as it aims to triple the brand’s U.S. market share. The campaign kicked off with TV ads starring Tom Hiddleston and Nicholas Hoult, followed by a digital push. The ‘dedicated day of digital,’ included homepage takeovers of The New York Times, ESPN, YouTube, Spotify, Facebook and Twitter. Jaguar also teamed up with ‘digital influencer’ Zach King, sharing 15-second Jaguar XE videos in collaboration with media buyer Mindshare and Spark44.

Jaguar will use promoted posts to spread its ‘#ReleaseTheCats’ hashtag. Its stated goal of the digital push is 361 million impressions and altogether the campaign is the largest marketing effort in the brand’s history..

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Jeremy Corbyn joins Snapchat

Jeremy Corbyn has become the first leader of a major UK political party to join Snapchat. The Labour leader is hoping his new account will attract support from young users, with more than half of Snapchatters aged 16 to 24. This approach has served him well so far, with the 66-year-old winning the Labour leadership due to high number of young people who voted for him.

Corbyn also joined Instagram on Sunday, and his first post was a picture on a Tunnock’s tea cake captioned ‘on the road fuel’. The Labour leader already has 422,000 Twitter followers and half a million Facebook likes. While Snapchat and Instagram won’t give him access to the same number of users, Corbyn’s team see it as a way to reveal a bit more of his life ‘behind-the scenes’ and hope it will offer him the chance to show a bit more of his personality.

Twitter takes on first managing director for China

Kathy Chen has been appointed Twitter’s first managing director for China, Hong Kong and Taiwan as the social network pledged to expand investment in the area previously under the control of the director of emerging markets. The move comes despite Twitter being banned from mainland China since 2009, but continues the trend of US social media companies, such as Facebook, attempting to expand their reach to Chinese advertisers, despite the veto. Chen, who was previously an executive at Microsoft in Beijing, sent her first tweet thanking chef executive Jack Dorsey for the opportunity. She noted: ‘We have many ways to connect China to the world’.

The appointment comes as Twitter seeks to improve its poor user growth and win advertising revenue from platforms such as Google and Facebook. Last year, one-third of Twitter’s reported $2.2bn revenue came from outside the US, with Chinese advertisers on the platform tripling from a year ago.

LinkedIn launches new app for job-seeking students

LinkedIn has launched a standalone app to help students and graduates nearing the end of their studies find their ideal job. Ada Yu, one of LinkedIn Students lead developers, said the app will help young people with information they may not be aware off such as what to search for, what they are qualified to do, as well as giving them an insight into the calibre of careers available after graduation. The professional social network has already trialled the app in around 300 US colleges and has received ‘positive’ feedback, with users liking its ‘snackable approach’.

Such an app would also be welcomed in the UK, with a recent survey by Accentuate Strategy finding over half of British graduates are working in a role they believe does not require a degree. A spokesperson for LinkedIn confirmed a global expansion of the app, and revealed plans to conduct a pilot scheme will take place in select international locations later this year. A spokesperson added: ‘We want to gather feedback and fine-tune the app for international markets as we realise the challenges facing graduating students across the globe are different and vary region to region.’

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