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Facebook tests tool to combat identity theft

Facebook is testing a feature that alerts a user if somebody impersonates their account. The tool will allow the social network to send an alert if it detects another person had adopted a user’s name and profile picture. This alert will check if the profile in question is impersonating a user or if it belongs to somebody else, with the user’s knowledge. The feature is now live in 75% of the world, with plans for a further expansion in the near future, according to Facebook’s head of global safety Antigone Davis. While impersonation is not a widespread problem, the social network is keen to stamp out its use as a source of harassment. Twitter has waged a longstanding policy against it, under its names policy, which requires people to use an authentic name. Davis said the tool is part of on-going efforts to make women feel safe on the platform. He revealed impersonation is ‘a real point of concern from some women in certain regions of the world where it may have certain cultural or social ramifications’.

Following a series of roundtable discussions held with users across the globe, Facebook is also testing two other safety features. It will trial new methods of reporting non-consensual intimate images. The social network has explicitly banned the sharing of such images since 2012, but the new method is designed to make the reporting experience more compassionate for victims of abuse, according to Davis. The feature gives someone reporting nudity the additional option of not only flagging the photo but also identifying themselves as the subject of the image. This will then establish links to outside resources, such as support groups for victims of abuse and information about potential legal options, as well as triggering the review process that takes place when nudity is reported. Davies noted that initial testing has gone well, but more feedback and research is needed before a broader rollout. Facebook is also looking at a photo check feature to help educate users about who can see their photos. It is designed to walk people through a step-by-step review of the process.

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Unilever trials promoted Twitter Moments for Persil campaign

Persil is using Twitter Moments for the first time, to provide the next instalment of its long-running ‘Dirt is Good’ campaign, which is based on the premise childhood play is under threat. The Unilever-owned brand will highlight the issue by suggesting children now spend as much time outside as maximum security prisoners. The promotion is based on the findings of research conducted on behalf of the brand, that found one in two children spend an hour or less outdoors every day and one in 10 never play outside. The ad is set in a maximum security prison to ‘hit home with parents’ and asks them to sign up their child’s school to Outdoor Classroom Day through the newly created ‘Dirt is Good’ website. Parents and carers are also urged to share their views on play.

To promote the campaign, Unilever has chosen the Twitter Moments platform as its primary advertising partner. The social network was selected as it suited the ‘news-worthy’ nature of the message, according to global equity director OMO/Persil James Hayhurst. He added: ‘We wanted to use a vehicle that would enable us to get comment and opinion on the piece, to start a conversation.’ Gina Roughan from digital agency Zone said using the Moments platform helped it narrate a compelling story, using different formats from text to video, meaning it is ‘a combination of all of Twitter’s products in one experience’.

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#LoveTwitter introduced to celebrate 10th anniversary

New hashtag #LoveTwitter has been unveiled to help the social network celebrate its 10th anniversary. ‘On March 21, ten years ago, it began with a single tweet. Since then, every moment of every day, people connect about the things they care about most – all over the world’, Twitter said in a blog post. The social network revealed the milestone will be celebrated at each of its global offices, beginning with Sydney and ‘following the sun’ to its headquarters in san Francisco. The post thanked users for making Twitter what it is today, ‘for making history, driving change, lifting each other up and laughing together every day’.

As part of its birthday celebrations, Twitter has released a video showing the evolution of its Twitter bird logo. Over the years, the legs and eyes in the design have been discarded, replaced by clean lines reflecting the platform’s maturity. The social network’s former creative director Doug Bowman noted ‘Twitter is the bird, the bird is Twitter. He revealed the logo is designed from three sets of overlapping circles that are similar to how peoples’ ‘networks, interests and ideas connect and intersect with peers and friends’.

Pinterest offers video ads

Pinterest is hoping to woo advertisers by offering video ads on its platform, following other social media networks such as Twitter and Instagram into the lucrative field. The new feature would be an upgrade on the current GIF-style Cinematic Pins which debuted in June 2015. It is understood the format has been designed to blend in seamlessly with the visual bookmarking site’s current interface, and that video content will act as native ads.

Pinterest has been trying to make its platform more accessible to advertisers and recently announced plans to bring its Promoted Pins feature to the UK. The video ads will complement the scrapbooking site’s Cinematic Pins, which launched last year and attracted brands such as Nestle and Wendy’s. Some advertisers believe the site has been too slow to roll out the tools they need, while recent research from TrackMaven has suggested interest in Pinterest has fallen of the past year, with the average engagement ratio per post per 1,000 followers, declining by 49pc.

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