Lord Sugar pays £5000 to silence Piers Morgan on Twitter

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Lord Sugar pays £5000 to silence Piers Morgan on Twitter

Lord Alan Sugar has described it the ‘bargain of the century’ after paying £5000 to silence Piers Morgan on Twitter for one whole day. To raise funds for Comic Relief, the Good Morning Britain presenter and prolific tweeter, told views of the ITV breakfast show he would remain silent for 24 hours on Red Nose Day, Friday 24 March - if the public donated money. The Apprentice star was one of the first to contribute to the ‘Shut Piers Up campaign’ which aims to raise £50,000 to secure Morgan’s silence. In a video message posted on the social network, Lord Sugar said: ‘It’s going to be a wonderful day without that nutter clogging up Twitter with his nonsense for the whole day. ’Twitter featured the fundraising campaign as a news story, prompting Morgan to tweet: ‘I’m now a ‘Twitter Moment’ because @Lord_Sugar paid £5k to silence me on Twitter. I believe this is called irony.’ The Arsenal supporter has also agreed to wear a Tottenham shirt if donations reach £50,000. Gary Lineker, who often jousts with Morgan on the social network, said he would donate £2,000 if the presenter kept the shirt on all day. Elsewhere, Gary Neville tweeted he would donate £5000 if Morgan promised not to criticise Arsene Wenger ‘ever again’. Other stars who have donated to the campaign include Holly Willoughby, Rio Ferdinand, Jamie Redknapp and Bradley Walsh.

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Ted Baker uses Instagram Stories for its Spring/Summer campaign

Ted Baker is using Instagram Stories in its new ‘Keeping up with the Bakers’ campaign, which focuses on a fictional family who have moved into a suburb hiding a number ofl dark secrets. The fashion brand will use Stories as a ‘gossip channel’, making daily posts which reveal more information about Baker family members. It will also offer users the chance to win prizes as an incentive to follow the story to the very end. Craig Smith, global brand communication director at Ted Baker, highlighted Instagram Stories’ use for episodic storytelling and building narrative. ‘For us, it is perfect for not just re-articulating the main ad but adding another thread to the story and giving it more depth. I reckon we’ll be the first of many brands to use it in this way,’ he added. Smith revealed all of the campaign’s advertising channels, including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, will feature tailored content to avoid repetition. He also pointed to Ted Baker’s ‘half a million’ followers on Instagram which can offer the brand instant feedback through comments on the social network, to provide ‘a real-time snapshot of what isn’t working’.

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Apple’s new Clips app makes social videos for other social networks

Apple has a new video-making mobile app called Clips. Videos are stored locally on the phone, and from there are uploaded to other third-party apps. The simple photo-and video-capture interface hides a surprising number of features, with options for styling or customizing including Live Titles, Filters, Overlays, and Posters. Live Titles is a way of adding text over still photos and videos using your voice, allowing a kind of rolling captioning over your Clips videos. Although it borrows features from social apps like Snapchat, Instagram and Vine, Clips is not social network. Instead, Clips aims to keep Apple a part of the social sharing conversation, and people’s social workflows. All without ads. Clips seems to be built for the generation that spends most of its time sharing video or photos over the internet, creating content to be shared on other social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, and YouTube. Apple hopes it will be the video-creation app of choice for those who regularly make and share videos on the Internet. In some ways, Clips may be a precursor to a consumer AR (augmented reality) app, but Apple has declined to answer questions around that. The question is whether it will be the necessary stop between your phone’s camera and your favourite social network.

Instagram doubles to one million active advertisers, plans growth

Instagram has announced that it now has 1 million monthly active advertisers, up from 500,000 in September, and 200,000 just over a year ago. James Quarles, Instagram’s ad business lead, puts it down to the way the platform stands out, beyond just attracting a lot of users. First, he says, Instagram is a place where people follow their passions. Secondly, he cites the “ease and simplicity” of using Instagram, noting that it takes only four taps to place an ad on a business profile. And Quarles says new features will be added for advertisers. Instagram will soon let users directly book services like haircuts, and not only will the transactions occur on the platform, it will show companies how much business is deriving from their presence on the app. It is also adding new insights to its business dashboard so brands can see what physical actions users take after seeing their Instagram ads. "If you're a small business, Instagram is a place where people are seeking passion," Quarles said. "Eighty percent of people on Instagram follow a business." Advertising budgets are split between experimental projects and things that will provide a return on investment, Quarles noted. Many companies have placed Snap in the experimental category, but advertising agencies say it is inching over to a must-buy in order to reach younger users. By offering new tools to help advertisers measure ROI, Instagram could steal some ad dollars away from Snap. "We very much want to be part of that second budget, the latter which is measured by physical action," Quarles said.

Twitter opens live video platform

Twitter is launching a new live video platform, that is expected to work in a similar way to Facebook Live, in a move to make it easier to post live broadcasts. The social network and its live video app Periscope have announced the creation of the Periscope Producer API, which will allow third parties to more closely link their video tools with Twitter’s interface. Aimed at large media publishers and broadcasters, the API will enable big video cameras, satellite vans and editing boards to directly air their live videos on the social network. Telestream, Livestream and Switchboard Cloud have been announced as API partners to help broadcasters use the new technology. On a broader level, the new platform aims to attract large companies that can help Twitter offer its users interesting things to watch and keep them on the social network. In turn, this will prompt advertisers to pay for placements within the video content. Live video has been central to the social network’s drive to sign up more users, it has signed a number of sport streaming deals over the past year, including with the National Football League and Major League Baseball.

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