TGI Global Quick View 2020

With TGI Global Quick View you can profile and plan on the connected consumer, leveraging harmonised international consumer data across multiple markets.

Agencies and brands can find key targets and build impactful campaigns that resonate locally.

Media owners can gain a better understanding of their media properties across the largest advertising markets in the world, allowing them to better monetise their inventory.

TGI Global Quick View comprises consumer data that covers three key areas:

  • Online personality traits, e.g. including e-commerce user types, social media user types
  • Online media preferences, e.g. video and audio streaming habits, social platform habits
  • Online brand and purchase preferences, including multiple key global brands, purchase categories and preference reasons

New for 2020!

Our 2020 data will be out in June and comprises a number of key enhancements, listed below. In addition, we have new data on how consumer behaviour has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Coverage across 25 countries (up from 22), built on a sample of over 67,000 connected consumers
  • Content preferences (e.g. online interests, film genres etc)
  • New product areas and brands (holidays, gaming, alcohol brands & more)
  • Interests (leisure activities, sports followed/played & more

COVID-19 specifc insights:

  • Media habits: How consumers feel their media habits have changed or will change. What they are doing more and less often - and whether they anticipate these changed habits will continue after the pandemic.
  • News and current affairs: Whether watching or reading more news content and the likelihood of continuing this post-pandemic.
  • TV series and films: Whether greater consumption of on-demand series and films. If new video-on-demand subscriptions have been taken.
  • Gaming: How habits have changed and the extent to which consumers feel these changes are here to stay.
  • Travel and leisure: Whether consumers feel after the pandemic they will do more of less of any of a variety of activities, including holidays, commuting, eating out, use of public transport, cinema trips etc
  • Attitudes: agreement levels with a number of statements reflecting feelings and thoughts from the pandemic e.g. embracing of technology, whether they are confident the economy will bounce back, if they think communities have come together more etc.

TGI Global Quick View can be accessed through both our Choices data (or other software bureau) and our unique data visualisation tool, TGI Snapshot, which is crammed with features to help you identify the key global trends you need.

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TGI Global Quick View - Kantar from Kantar Media on Vimeo.


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