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Twitter was buzzing with activity around the newest series of The Apprentice all week, with chatter fuelled by rumoured romantic scandal, eccentric eyewear and general excitement to see how the new batch of ambitious candidates would fare against Lord Sugar’s ruthless boardroom assessments. 

6.6K Tweets posted in anticipation in the past 7 days

Looking at the week leading up to the first episode of series 13, Twitter activity spiked last Wednesday with 1.2K Tweets posted over the course of the day, as press coverage around the new candidates spread. Understandably, the biggest peak during the build-up occurred on Tuesday 3rd October, with 1.9K Unique Authors taking to Twitter to chat about the upcoming episode.

Although the volume of Tweets about the Apprentice fluctuated, our Sentiment analysis detected an overall increase in ‘Anticipation’ and ‘Expectation’ as fans’ excitement increased. By Tuesday, 48.5% of all Tweets posted about the show contained these emotions!

Day of episode:

An astonishing amount of Twitter activity surrounded the episode, with the 55.6K Tweets posted during the Broadcast Window constituting 79.3% of all activity about the show on Wednesday. During the show, #TheApprentice topped the Worldwide Trending list on Twitter, but activity was even more substantial as we calculated that this Hashtag only appeared in 65.4% Tweets about the show.

Our Top Five call outs from the episode are:

  1. The peak minute of the show was 21:02 when 1.2K Tweets were posted as viewers ‘Checked in’ online ready to engage with the episode.
  2. 24-year-old Management Consultant Charles Burns was the most mentioned candidate, partly due to his tense relationship with Cosmetics Retailer Danny, but also to his quirky glasses.
  3. Interaction rates were fairly similar from men, who contributed 57.3% of all Tweets, and women, who posted 42.7%. By far the most engaged demographic were the 21 to 34-year-olds, who generated 57.7% of all the activity around the show.
  4. This season’s first episode generated 70.1K Tweets across Wednesday, and as only 31.5% were RTs, a massive amount of activity came from original posts by multiple Users. Over 500 verified accounts also engaged with the show, including last season’s winner Alana Spencer and Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry!
  5. The polished, business appropriate wardrobes of candidates on The Apprentice aren’t usually a driver of Social Media engagement. However, Michaela, Charles, and Elizabeth quickly became viral conversation flashpoints due to their interesting choice in glasses! The word ‘glasses’ appeared in 3.7% of Tweets on Wednesday, and a witty, ocularcentric joke by Nathan, @nathbevan, was the most RT’d post: 

  6. With 70.1K Tweets, 22.6M Impressions and 107.2K Likes, Series 13 of The Apprentice is off to a strong start on Twitter. Will the Social Media success continue, or will the show face a similar fate to the unfortunate Danny Grant?

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