The favourite holiday types and activities of Holiday Pioneers

Our multi-dimensional Holiday Pioneers project explores the travel practices and preferences of three particularly adventurous types of traveller:

  • Experiencers - risk takers and thrill seekers for whom travel is about having a highly stimulating, active adventure.
  • Independents - genuine immersion in local culture is key for Independents. They like to get off the beaten track and book their travel independently.
  • Motivateds - image is everything for Motivateds and they love to show off to their friends what an amazing time they are having on holiday.

Some holiday types popular with all groups – especially city breaks

We asked travellers which types of holiday they would most like to go on if they could pick any.

Certain holiday types appeal solidly across all three of our Pioneers groups, most notably city/cultural breaks, which were chosen by 40-42% of consumers across the three segments. Clearly such holidays tick boxes for all of these traveller types: the adventure that Experiencers crave, the envy-inducing social posts in front of iconic landmarks that Motivateds seek and the opportunity to get out there and soak up some proper local culture that gets the Independents going.

Certain other mainstream holiday types also attract significant attention from all three Pioneers groups, but with some variation. For example, all inclusive beach resort holidays are of interest to 42% of Experiencers, 43% of Motivateds and a rather lower, but still substantial 30% of Independents. Clearly, the limited opportunity for immersion in local culture offered by an all inclusive resort is what would keep the figure from being higher for Independents. The popularity of luxury hotels reveals a broadly similar trend.

Certain holidays are particularly popular with specific groups

Some other holiday types are more niche generally but do show some high contrast in popularity between the groups. If we take glamping for example, this was selected as a desirable holiday by 11% of Experiencers - who no doubt enjoy the unique, active adventure this type of holiday implies - but only 5% of Motivateds and 6% of Independents.

Similarly, 10% of Independents are interested in motorhome holidays, compared to 6% of Experiencers and 4% of Motivateds. The freedom and flexibility offered by a motorhome for exploration offers Independents the opportunity to discover for themselves the local culture in a way that does not appeal so much to the other groups.

By comparison, 22% of Motivateds enjoy cruises, compared to only 14% of Experiencers. For Experiencers the cruise perhaps does not offer enough of a visceral thrill, whilst for the Motivateds it provides them with the luxuries and opportunities for impressive social posts that they seek.

Certain holiday activities popular across the board – particularly walking around the local area and visiting local attractions

When it comes to the most popular activities when on holiday, there are some which appeal to all three pioneer types. ‘Walking around the local area’ appeals to around 50% of those in all groups, as does ‘visiting a local attraction’. Similarly, eating local street food is popular with around a third of these travellers.

Inevitably, other activity types are strongly linked only with specific segments. ’Relaxing by the pool’ is of interest to 37% of Motivateds - who can use the pool environment as the basis of envy-inducing social posts – but only 26% of Independents, who prefer to get out and explore.

On the other hand, ‘a meal with a local family in their home’ is popular with 12% of Independents but only 6% of Motivateds. For 24% of Experiencers, ‘having a lie in in the morning’ is of interest, but this is true of only 16% of Independents – clearly as much as they like thrills and risk taking, Experiencers also appreciate the opportunity to recharge their batteries between getting the adrenaline flowing.

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