Winning over the female footie fan

The England women’s football team replicated the success of the men’s national side last year by making it to the World Cup semi-final and in doing so saw record-breaking viewing figures. Clearly interest in women’s football amongst women is currently on the up, but what is the longer-term trend and how can brands understand and engage effectively with female footie fans.

Looking at football interest amongst British women, our TGI Consumer Data reveals it has risen since 2016 . A slight dip was seen in 2017, however in 2018 the figure sat at 30%, which was possibly due to the success of the World Cup in 2018. If the women’s World Cup this year has a similar impact on interest, then it should continue to rise. In comparison, men’s overall interest in football has slightly declined compared to 2016.

Cars and advertising are key to female football fans

Our latest TGI Consumer Data shows that the women in Britain who follow football (15% of the adult population ) are particularly likely to be interested in cars compared to other women. They are 37% more likely than average woman in Britain to love a fast, punchy type of driving and 26% more likely to say they like cars with original designs.

Advertising plays a key role in targeting this group as they are very open to advertising in its many forms. Women who enjoy football are 29% more likely than the average woman to say they prefer to buy products from companies who sponsor sports events and teams and 25% more likely to say that advertising helps them choose what to buy. Further still, this group are 25% more likely than the average woman to say that newspaper and magazine articles on holiday and travel influence their choice of holiday.

Mobile internet and magazines are top ways to engage this audience

When looking at the top media channels to engage this group, TGI Consumer Data shows that women with an interest in football are 39% more likely than the average adult to be amongst the highest fifth of mobile internet users and 29% more likely to be amongst the heaviest fifth of magazine readers.

When it comes to magazines, they are more than three and a half times as likely as other heavy magazine readers to be very interested in baby & childcare magazines.

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