The Great British Bake Off 2017 - Series Summary

Total Tweets 885.4K | Total Broadcast Window Tweets 496.6K | Total Impressions 325.9M | Total Likes 2.0M

Despite initial uncertainties about Channel 4 taking on the nation’s favourite baking show, The Great British Bake Off 2017 dominated Social TV discussions and attracted a consistently large, diverse viewership.

Seven Day Lead Up

The three days before the show's launch saw increasing activity, which rose to 3.5K Tweets posted on the Monday. Of these, 20% were classed as showing Expectation, and 20% Admiration, as fans geared up for the Channel 4 spin on the loved baking competition.

Interestingly, activity was high on the 22nd with 6.4K Unique Authors posting 8.5K Tweets. This stemmed from excitement around the official release of competitor profiles with the @BritishBakeOff account penning the most RT’d post for the day, which shared the link to this information.

Series Overview – Key Take Outs

Looking across the series, GBBO 2017 has been the most discussed UK TV programme on Twitter since the 29th August, and the first episode holds first place with the biggest Broadcast Window Total for Tweets, across all UK shows since the beginning of August.

Episode One

  • The first episode generated the most activity on Twitter, both in terms of 24-7 data and Broadcast Window data. Comparisons to the previous BBC format helped drive the total for the day up to 159.2K Tweets, with a focus on the absence of Mary, Mel, and Sue.
  • Another key talking point included the addition of advert breaks, and in the first break 6.3K Tweets were posted between 20:17 – 20:19. Twitter users were divided, and though 13.6% of these contained Criticism, Admiration was detected in 13.1% too.
  • Using BARB data, we can see that although the first episode had fewer live viewers than the final, it attracted a much more engaged audience, with 9 people Tweeting for every 1,000 viewers, compared to the final where an average of 3.3 people Tweeted per 1,000 viewers.


  • Fan favourite Liam’s departure from the Bake Off tent saw 4.9K Tweets posted in the 60 seconds following the judges’ decision, which became the peak minute of activity for the series as a whole! ‘Liam’ placed fourth on our Tag Cloud analysis, being used 73.4K times across the series run. This was aided by 4.5K Tweets mentioning him on finals day, with #JusticeforLiam appearing in the top hashtag list alongside edited images and GIFs showing him as Victor.

Most Mentioned Judges across the Series

  • Noel Fielding topped our Judges chart with 44.0K mentions across the series, but the Mary Berry shaped hole in viewers’ hearts was never fully filled and she was the second most mentioned, appearing in 34.5K Tweets!

Most Re-Tweeted

  • The most RT’d Tweet was posted on the 4th October by Alice Jones, @AlicesJones_ , who had videoed a pie-based argument between her parents.

Final Day

  • Halloween proved to be truly scary for judge Prue Leith, when she accidentally revealed the winner in a Tweet sent hours before the final aired. As a result ‘Prue’ featured in 20.4% of Tweets about GBBO on the day. Luckily, Bake Off fans on Twitter were quick to defend her, or to joke about the error, with 41.0% of Tweets mentioning her classified as solely Positive in sentiment. Her apology accrued the most Impressions on the 31st, which totalled at 777.4K.
  • Due to the activity around Prue throughout the day, the 39.4K Tweets posted inside the Broadcast Window only contributed 50.9% of activity to the Bake Off 24-7 total.
  • Unsurprisingly, the peak minute came at 21:09 when Sophie Faldo was announced as The Great British Bake Off winner, although her handle was only directly mentioned in 2.3% of these Tweets.

Once again Social Media activity rose up with The Great British Bake Off, rolling out successive weeks of the, now Channel 4, show topping our Leaderboards! Hopefully the tent will be equally warm for the Christmas specials.

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