The programmatic future - the view from DMEXCO

Fresh back from DMEXCO, our Consumer Intelligence CEO, Alex Kuhnel, gives his views on some of the most pressing issues in programmatic advertising today.

Two ways in which programmatic advertising must adapt to meet industry needs...

"There are two key ways in which programmatic advertising, for all its benefits, desperately needs to evolve in order to better meet the needs of stakeholders across the media value chain.

Firstly, consistency of data is needed in order that the buying and selling process is as trustworthy and transparent as possible. Without a common data currency, it is impossible for buyer and seller to compare like with like, leaving neither with any sense of certainty that the campaign they are agreeing is as efficient or effective as it could be for them.

Secondly, the buy-sell workflow needs be more dynamic and run more smoothly across multiple channels. Presently, it is still way too clunky and inefficient for buyers to set up campaigns across multiple media owners and channels.

Businesses need tools which allow for automated cross-media insight and targeting. We are investing heavily in bringing the best data to our media and agency clients, while developing such tools. To this end, we anticipate launching solutions that comprehensively address these two challenges in the very near future."

How programmatic can reach audiences beyond existing boundaries...

"At Kantar Media, our TGI studies measure a huge breadth and depth of information about consumers across their online and offline lives, including attitudes, leisure activities, product/brand use and media consumption.

By incorporating this richly detailed data into programmatic advertising, a far broader range of audiences can be reached according to a more explicit set of criteria than relying simply on demographics, making campaigns far more efficient."

What those in the industry can do to best prepare for the upcoming changes...

"Campaign wastage is the single biggest fear of advertisers when it comes to programmatic campaigns, especially when they find it difficult even to quantify how much of a campaign has been - or will likely be - wasted. In response to this, agencies have started converging their advertising and marketing technology to bring more of the value chain in-house and keep a greater element of human control over the whole process. By doing this, CRM data sets can be integrated into an addressable online environment, creating more seamless and efficient campaigns."

You can see more of Alex Kuhnel discussing programmatic trends at DMEXCO in the videos on the Campaign website.

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