The World Cup was the Wild Card in Twitter Activity around Wimbledon 2018

As well as providing a fortnight of awe-inspiring tennis, Wimbledon 2018 was rife with surprising victories, emotional insights and World Cup clashes too. Together, this helped rally Twitter totals to 707.2K Tweets and 550.7M Impressions over the two weeks of the competition.

Key Take Outs

  • @SerenaWilliams was directly mentioned more than any other player
  • #Wimbledon was only used in 18.4% of all Tweets
  • 64.5% of people who Tweeted about Wimbledon also Tweeted about the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Wimbledon Tag Cloud:


Our keyword analysis across the last 14 days revealed that big names generated consistent engagement, and that the final and semi-final contributed a large proportion of Tweets in a short amount of time. Alexander Ward also appears in the tag cloud, despite not being one of the most directly tagged players, as national support influenced Twitter discussions.

 Comparisons and comments linked to the World Cup also emerge as popular topics of conversation.

Football on the Courts?

As World Cup fever swept the nation, a large proportion of Twitter activity around Wimbledon was comprised of jokes, memes and predictions around England’s chances in Russia. Eight out of the top ten most used hashtags for Wimbledon were explicitly about the World Cup, including #ThreeLions, #ItsComingHome and #Fifa18.

Harry Kane was actually the 13th most directly mentioned account when looking at Tweets about Wimbledon, and the most RT post associated with Wimbledon 2018 came from MerefithLCFC pointing out similarities between the build-up to the 1966 World Cup and the environment this year.



Biggest Day on Twitter


This year, the men’s singles matches on the 11th of July encouraged the highest levels of Twitter activity. The four hour and 47 minute face-off between Nadal and Martin del Potro drove up the totals, but it was Anderson’s impressive come-back to defeat Federer that really got Twitter talking, with ‘Federer’ appearing in 10.6% of Tweets.

Winners on Twitter

Serena Williams may have missed out on the Grand Slam title, but her incredible performance just 10 months after giving birth not only saw her mentioned more than any other female player, but more than any other player at Wimbledon altogether:

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