Twitter - The social newswire

When it comes to communication professionals, Twitter is clearly ahead of the social networking industry. Its ability to facilitate networking with other users whilst publishing stories as they happen is second to none. On Twitter we can distribute news in seconds, and pick up relevant content in real-time.

The success of Twitter is no wonder when we consider that its CEO, Dick Costolo, also established a leading RSS feed manager called Feedburner, which was bought by Google. Using this expertise, Twitter is able to fine-tune its algorithm to tailor news according to its relevance and inform users of Tweets with a higher-than-average reach.

Twitter breaks barriers down between people, it allows for quick reactions, it gives power to PRs and fuels journalism. We’ve outlined the top 5 reasons that Twitter has become a staple communication tool for professionals – see our thoughts below…

Infographic showing how Twitter is more than just a social network

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