UEFA Champions League Interest - The Final Four

The semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League are now underway, with France, Italy and Spain represented in the last 4. We’re going to take a look at how interest levels in each age group differ by each represented country.

Real Madrid has the highest global following (24%) whereas interestingly, Monaco only have a global following of .26%. Will the exposure and good form in the Champions League improve AS Monaco’s following? They unfortunately suffered a 4-1 aggregate defeat to Juventus who boast a global following of 10.4%.

France, Spain and Italy are the countries represented by teams in the semi-finals so in order to dig deeper into who the fans are, Kantar Media’s Sportscope study shows the fans who are interested in the Champions League and how this breaks down demographically. Spain hold a high level of interest in each age group and have the highest overall interest levels when you include ‘extremely’, ‘very’ and ‘moderately’ interested. Fitting for a nation that has provided 5 of the last 6 finalists, which will be one more this season as Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid drew each other in the semi-final.

Looking at how interested each age group is in the Champions League, there are more very interested Spanish fans in the 18-24 age group than in Italy and France. However, the 18-24 year olds is the only age group in France where they have a higher percentage of those extremely interested in the Champions League than very interested. 

Interest in Champions League - Age 18 - 24

Football followers aged between 25 and 34 are more interested in France than in Italy and Spain (the only age group where this applies) with 58% of them either ‘Extremely’ or ‘Very’ interested in the Champions League.

In Spain, 35-44 year old football fans are heavily interested in the competition, with only 3% saying they arent at all interested, this leaves 97% being slightly to extremely interested.This is the joint highest alongside 55+, also in Spain. 

Italian football fans over all age groups show a consistently high interest in the Champions League, but this becomes clearer in the 45-54 age group where 22% of the football fans show an extreme interest in the Champions League. 

The older generation in Italy are more interested in the Champions League when you compare them to the same group in France and Spain with 50% being very or extremely interested in the competition. If you compare it to the other age groups in Italy however, it is the lowest amount.

The Champions League maintains a high level of interest across most age groups in the three countries represented by the final 4. Especially in Italy and Spain, not surprisingly given the general success these nations tend to enjoy in the competition (Juventus played Barcelona in the 2015 final). Monaco could give France a boost in the future, given their tiny global following compared to the others it might kickstart a revitalised interest in the Champions League in France. Which country will be represented by the winner of the 2017 UEFA Champions League Final? We’ll find out on June 3rd.  

*Club following is defined as football fans who state a club as their favourite club or as another club they follow

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