UK Twitter Users Stayed Loyal to Love Island

After a whirlwind eight weeks, our daily dose of Love Island has come to an end. We took a look back to see which moments, and which contestants drove engagement and had Tweeter’s heads turning.

Series Totals (04.06.18 – 30.07.18): 6.0M Tweets | 541.2K Unique Authors | 2367.6M Impressions | 17.4M Likes

Love Island 2018 has been the most Tweeted about show, in terms of all day totals, every single day since the series started on 4th June. In fact, looking across the suite of shows, Love Island has exclusively topped our Broadcast Window Leaderboard too, apart from The Voice Kids final on 21st July, GMB with the Piers – KSI Twitter ‘war’ on 18th July, and the annual Trooping the Colour celebration on 9th June. The majority of activity (80.4%) came from Twitter for iPhone, with only 12.1% of engagement associated with Android users.



The majority of activity referred to the Islanders by their first names, and so when ‘New Jack’, ‘New Laura’, and Alexandra entered the villa many UK Twitter users created memes and jokes about the shared names.

Biggest Days:

Following the ITV2 release of this year’s contestants on Tuesday 29th May, 71.6K Tweets were posted in the week leading up to the first episode. Excitement increased steadily, and on Sunday 3rd July a massive 73.9% of all Twitter activity around Love Island was purely positive in sentiment.


The first and last episodes of this series saw the highest amounts of Twitter activity, and accounted for 60% and 59% of all UK Twitter activity around TV shows posted on each respective day. However, when we looked past these two days, some interesting peaks emerged:

• After successfully handling the resident ‘bad boy’ Adam, Zara was voted out of the Villa by the other girls on 27th June. Twitter’s reaction was intense and immediate with 9.4K Tweets posted in the five minutes following this moment, with criticism the most prevalent emotion.

• One of the most iconic moments from the villa was Georgia’s masterful emotional control as she watched Josh return from Casa Amor with Kaz. 247.7K Tweets were posted across the day, and the 97.1M Impressions these accumulated surpassed any other day’s reach. Interestingly, the Tweet that generated the most impressions was not posted from a verified account, Piers Morgan or an ex-Islander, but by student @Emhook and totalled at 810.2K Impressions.

Biggest Minutes:

1. A dramatically timed advert break during the recoupling as Casa Amor re-joined the villa resulted in 4.4K Tweets being posted in 60 seconds. Over 60% of these were RTs, as people waited with bated breath to see if Josh had stayed as loyal to Georgia as she had to him.

2. Josh and Kaz place third and 4.1K Tweets were posted in the following minute by 3.4K Unique Authors. Criticism and Admiration were the top emotions here, with some praising Laura and Paul, and others outraged that Kaz and Josh didn’t place higher.

3. Wes left Laura for Megan and left Twitter in pieces after the dramatic episode on 26th June. 4.0K Tweets were posted in the minute that followed Megan’s unfortunately timed smile during Wes and Laura’s fight.

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