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Few markets are more competitive that FMCG retail and after a 2016 that nobody could have predicted the outlook in 2017 and beyond is very uncertain. Consequently, understanding what motivates different consumer groups in their shopping habits and appealing to their predilections is more important than ever.

Within Kantar Media’s Great Britain TGI study of consumer behaviour, seven key FMCG shopper segments have been identified, each with its own specific set of motivations and habits. We have created a report (see right) examining in detail each of these groups, what makes them tick and how they can most effectively be targeted.

The groups include:

  • Convenience Kings (7% of adult population) - very driven by what makes their shopping experience more handy – e.g. locality, opening hours, parking.
  • Ethical Empathisers (3% of adult population) - ethical considerations including Fair Trade, animal welfare and environmental protection are key to the shopping behaviour of this group.
  • Accustomed Acquirers (10% of adult population) - driven by routine and tend to want to stick to tried and tested products and brands.
  • Promiscuous Purchasers (5% of adult population) – unlikely to be faithful to the brands they buy as value trumps any brand loyalty.
  • Quality Crusaders (13% of adult population) – quality motivates them and they don’t mind paying a premium to get it.
  • Conscious Connoisseurs (3% of adult population) – savvy and passionate shoppers who like to collect a lot of knowledge about food from various sources and have a real interest in food labels and ingredients.
  • Strategic Savers (8% of adult population) – tend to have a limited budget and so seek out the best deals they can get.

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