Popularity of vinyl records in Britain today

In the wake of the recent Record Store Day which saw independent record shops celebrating their unique culture, we take a look at the popularity of vinyl in Great Britain today, including who buys it and how advertisers can engage with this distinctive target.

Over four million vinyl buyers in Britain today

Latest data from our Great Britain TGI study of consumer behaviour reveals that just over a fifth of adults in Britain who have bought music in the past 12 months have bought vinyl records, representing over four million people.

Of these, 13% (over half a million people) have bought more than 10 vinyl albums in the past year and 20% (over 800,000 people) have spent £50 or more on vinyl records.

Second hand & vintage shops are the most popular places to buy

The most popular venues for buying vinyl records are second hand/vintage shops, frequented by 30% of vinyl buyers. These are followed by specialist music shops such as HMV (28%), websites (27%) and auction sites (20%).

Young and London skew to the vinyl buyer

Compared to the average buyer of music, buyers of vinyl records are 57% more likely to be aged under 25 (i.e. aged 15-24) and over fifth more likely to be London-based.

Buyers of vinyl records are considerably more likely than the average music buyer to like to stand out and have fun. They are 48% more likely to say they like to stand out in a crowd, as well as 48% more likely to agree that the point of drinking is to get drunk and 50% more likely to say they buy new products before most of their friends.

Prone to being swayed by celebrity endorsement – depending on who it is

They can be effectively engaged with the right celebrity endorsement, as they are 58% more likely than the average music buyer to assert that celebrities influence their purchase decisions. Celebrities they are especially likely to admire compared to the average music buyer include Russell Brand (41% more likely), Miley Cyrus (28% more likely) and Harry Styles (26% more likely).

Eclectic music tastes

The most popular music genres that vinyl record buyers have purchased in the past year compared to the average music buyer include Punk (almost two and half times more likely), Alternative (89% more likely) and Blues (80% more likely).

Various media can engage this audience

A variety of commercial messaging may engage the vinyl record buyers. They are almost two-thirds more likely than the average music buyer to say they tend to buy products from companies who sponsor exhibitions or music events, 71% more likely to be willing to pay to access content on magazine websites and 55% more likely to admit that out of home advertising can change their perception of a brand. They are also 40% more likely to be amongst the heaviest fifth of consumers of cinema and 27% more likely to be amongst the heaviest fifth of consumers of internet.

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