Key trends in wearable tech

Wearable tech is big business – from smartwatches to activity trackers, selling something digital that sits on the wrist and is checked by the wearer even more than their mobile is a key objective for many manufacturers in the digital space and marketers are keen to understand more about this dynamic and lucrative market. In particular...

  • Which markets around the world have the greatest adoption of wearable tech and which types?

  • Can we make generalisations about the kinds of content that would most appeal to wearable tech owners internationally?

  • What about closer to home – which British consumers own wearable tech, who are they and how can they most efficiently be engaged?

See our new report into the world of wearable tech, drawing upon our TGI Global Quick View study that provides harmonised insights the behaviour, attitudes and media usage of consumers in 22 key markets worldwide. We look at key international trends as well as put a spotlight on wearable tech owners in Great Britain and how they can be most effectively targeted. See below for the full report.

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