Levels of excitement ahead of the World Cup lowest in the US

KantarSport's tracking survey SportScope, asking people to rate how excited they are about the World Cup, has revealed a global league table where the US ranks last!

Just 11% of US citizens questioned said they were very excited about the forthcoming soccer tournament, with 70.3% saying they're not excited. While the eyes of the rest of world turn to Brazil, 51.8% of Americans say they're not interested in the World Cup.

Excitement League

Richard Brinkman, Global Head of KantarSport, says: "While at first glance this figure looks to confirm the position of soccer in the US sporting repertoire vis-à-vis the 'big 4' leagues, it is important to remember that the World Cup kicks off as the NHL and NBA reach their seasonal climaxes and that 11% of very interested Americans is actually, in real terms, a larger number of people than those in high anticipation in football hotbeds such as the UK or France."

"Bearing in mind the strong interest Americans have for sports in general, that once again their team will be under-rated and that they love sports with a social aspect," Brinkman adds, "I am confident that post-tournament strong enjoyment levels will be well beyond 11%."

Excitement League

The data in this article is taken from KantarSport's SportScope tracking survey which measures consumption of sport, awareness/preferences, attitudes and participation across a number of key international markets. 1000 respondents are interviewed per market with quotas set on age, gender, income and region in order to deliver a nationally representative sample of adults aged 18+. The survey is conducted online and interviews almost 90,000 people a year. This particular survey was conducted in February 2014.

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