Which Brits holiday abroad and how to reach them

With the schools breaking up for summer and millions of us heading off for sunny climes, it is easy to assume that almost all of us take a holiday each year, but in fact 38% of British adults claim to have not taken a holiday or short break away from home in the last 12 months, according to insights from our TGI consumer study data. However, that still leaves 62% of adults (over 32 million people) who have. Many of these will holiday in the UK, but 32% of adults say they have taken a holiday abroad in the past year.

Those in a couple but without kids at home are most likely to head abroad

Those who have taken a holiday abroad are 28% more likely to be in the ‘Nest Builders’ TGI lifestage group (aged15-34, married/living as a couple and do not live with son/daughter), 22% more likely to be ‘Unconstrained Couples’ (aged 35-54, married/living as a couple and do not live with son/daughter) and 21% more likely to be ‘Empty Nesters’ (aged 55+, married/living as couple and do not live with son/daughter). It is clear that couples who do not have family they need to pay for to take with them are, understandably, somewhat more likely to take a foreign break.

Likely to spend big

Foreign holiday-ers are bigger spenders than holidaymakers generally. A third of them spent £2,500 or more on their holidays in the past year, compared to a fifth of holidaymakers as a whole.

If it’s warm but not too far away, it’s likely to be popular

Amongst those who have taken at least one holiday abroad in the past year the most popular destinations are places not so far away but with a strong likelihood of warmer weather. Thus the top destination is mainland Spain, visited by 15%, followed by the Canary islands (13%) and then France (13%).

Variety of destination is important, but so is catching a tan

Half of those who have holidayed abroad say they try to go somewhere different on holiday each time. They are also 32% more likely than the average adult to assert that they feel better about the way they look when they are tanned – which explains the preference towards warmer climes when it comes to holiday destinations.

Learning the lingo and a love of a different environment is important to many

For 55% of those who have holidayed abroad, they like to be surrounded by different people, cultures, ideas and lifestyles and just over a third say they learn the basics of a foreign language before visiting a country.

The culinary side of going away is also an attraction. Three quarters of those who holiday abroad say they enjoy eating foreign food, compared to 62% of adults generally.

Cinema represents on potentially efficient means of reaching foreign holiday-ers

When it comes to their media preferences, those who holiday abroad are 20% more likely than the average holidaymaker to be amongst the heaviest fifth of consumers of cinema. The most popular film type amongst foreign holidaymakers is comedy, cited as a favourite by 14%, followed by crime/thrillers/mystery (12%) and action/adventure (12%).

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