Who was the UK Twitter Eurovision Winner?

UK social engagement around Eurovision this year was strong across last week and all three broadcasts received more Tweets than any other shows we tracked, including the British Academy Television Awards. The 2018 ESC final drew in a staggering 841.3K Tweets while it aired, which is the most Twitter activity linked to any one broadcast since One Love Manchester last June.

Eurovision Key Take Outs

  • #ISR was the most used country hashtag this year
  • ReTweet levels were lower as people Tweeted original posts
  • SuRie was the most mentioned performer
  • 841.3K Tweets were posted during the Broadcast Window around the final

Israel’s Netta Barzilal didn’t just help Israel win the competition by a clear margin; she also drove up the use of #ISR to the most used country hashtag throughout the build-up, semi-finals and final. However, when looking at the week’s data excluding the final, #ISR still comes out on top but #IRL and #CYP follow closely. This was caused by debates over the favourite to win, and the European Broadcasting Union’s decision to halt its relationship with a Chinese broadcaster.

Lots of Original Posting

Of the 1.1M Tweets posted about Eurovision between the 7th and 13th May, only 37% were ReTweets, and when looking just at the broadcast window around the final this drops to 34.5%. Such high levels of original Twitter activity reflect how people were using social media to react in real time to the contest.

A stand out this year was the amount of memes, and the speed at which these were created.  The biggest contributor across the whole week, and when focusing only on the final, was @escmemes who posted 1.3K Tweets about Eurovision. Looking just at the final, 11.5% of all Tweets contained a photo, and 5.2% GIFS.

This type of activity also impacted the peak minute of the final, which came during Denmark’s performance at 21:20 and 7.8K Tweets were posted in 60 seconds. Witty comparisons to Game of Thrones, Jared Leto, and Viking based jokes fuelled this activity.

Support for SuRie Swept Twitter:


In response to the shocking stage invasion during the UK’s own performance by SuRie, her calm reaction and ability to continue the performance was praised on Twitter almost instantly. During the final, she was mentioned in 43.2K Tweets and Admiration was detected as the sole emotion in 28.2% of these. Australian commentator Joel Creasy also sparked chatter, as seen in the word cloud, as UK Tweeters praised his comments on the incident.

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