Automotive: Most popular car makes

Favoured brands often reflect local expertise

Those countries with their own internationally renowned car brands tend to have these amongst the most popular in their market. Adults in Germany with a licence and car are especially likely to have a Volkswagen (21% do so), followed by Opel (15%) and Ford (11%); whilst in France the most popular types are local brands Renault (31%), Peugeot (23%) and Citroen (20%).

In Britain, where prominent domestic car brands are thin on the ground today, the most popular types are Ford (20%), Vauxhall (15%) and Volkswagen (9%). The US has its own large car brands and it is Ford and Chevrolet that are particularly popular there; whilst in South Korea local manufacturer Hyundai is the pre-eminent brand. In Italy, Fiat really stands out by far as the most popular brand.

In Spain, 80% of those with a car bought their car (or cars) new, compared to 54% in Germany, 49% in France and just 34% in Britain - the same proportion as in Brazil. These figures may be all the more surprising because Spain has been hit especially hard in the economic downturn. However, in markets such as Britain, where the young in particular are less likely to have a car for economic reasons, secondhand is the obvious choice and over time a flourishing used car market has developed, which is not necessarily the case in some other countries.

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