Calman Captures Hearts on Twitter

Nothing marks the beginning of Autumn quite as firmly, or as glamorously as the start of Strictly Come Dancing. After high engagement around the pairing episode earlier this month, Saturday’s Strictly dominated Social TV interactions, securing the top spot on our Weekly leader board for both 24-7 and Broadcast Window totals. 

Mentioned in nearly 3.0K Tweets on Saturday, Scottish comedian Susan Calman was the most discussed celebrity (despite Aston from JLS wowing the judges!). Chatter around her peaked at 19:46, as viewers reacted in real-time to her likability and talent, with a whopping 67.5% of these Tweets classified as purely positive! 

A large proportion of Social TV engagement came from female accounts, which contributed 67.1% and 77% of Twitter and Facebook activity on Saturday. However, the post with the most Re-Tweets came from Richard Osman, whose sarcastic wit proves consistently popular across the UK Twittersphere. 

Alongside the 50.2K Total Tweets and 70.1K Facebook Interactions on Saturday, Strictly encouraged fairly high levels of engagement on Sunday too, with 7.8K Tweets and 15.1K Facebook Interactions. 

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