Celebrity Big Brother gets Twitter Talking!

Luckily for Love Island and Big Brother fans, the break from reality TV shows wasn’t too long – Celebrity Big Brother launched on Tuesday with a staggering 99.4K Tweets on the 24/7 Leaderboard. It seems that Tweeters really couldn’t wait for it!

Twitter activity around CBBUK exploded in the Broadcast Window, with over 82K Tweets generating 40.6M Impressions. Big Brother’s celebrity edition didn’t disappoint fans’ expectations as Positive Sentiment hit 28%. The biggest Twitter chatter was sparked by Trisha Paytas, who was mentioned in 8.3K Tweets. Likewise, the peak moment of the show with 2,049 Tweets within one minute, was Trisha's introduction to the Big Brother house. Unsurprisingly, the most RT Tweet also referred to Trisha… She was clearly the star of the CBBUK launch!

Celebrity Big Brother proves to be most popular among the younger Twitter audience – almost 61% of Tweets came from a group aged 21-34. The first episode attracted more women as 59.8% of Tweets were posted by females.

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