Celebrity Big Brother Sparks Dazzling Social Stats

The six remaining housemates, along with 1.2M Viewers waited with bated breath to find out who would take the Celebrity Big Brother crown on Friday. Many used Social media to debate the show, with 53.1K Total Tweets, 25.8M Twitter Impressions, and 70.1K Facebook Interactions.

Nearly 69% of the 53.1K Tweets about CBB on Friday were posted in the Broadcast Window, and around 80% of the 70.1K Facebook Interactions took place between 6pm and 12am on Friday evening too. This engaged audience was comprised largely of women, who accounted for 72% of all Twitter activity and 76% of Facebook activity around the show.

The peak minute came at 22:10, when 1,422 Unique Authors discussed Sarah Harding’s victory. With Positive Sentiment detected in 29% of Tweets posted in this minute and Negative Sentiment detected in 25%, Twitter activity reflected the divisive impact Harding had incited across audiences throughout the series.

Overall, the Celebrity Big Brother final topped the weekly Broadcast Leaderboard on Twitter, and ranked second on the 24-7 Programme Leaderboard in terms of Twitter, and Facebook activity too.

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