Comic Relief 2017: Famous faces being funny for money cause 98.7M Total Impressions on Twitter

Friday night was all about being funny for money as a whole host of famous faces joined forces for 2017’s televised Comic Relief fundraiser. This year’s charity extravaganza raised an incredible £71 million on the night alone, as well as attracting a whopping 272,410 24/7 Tweets which created 98.7M Total Impressions

The night featured many stand-out comedy moments, including Take That hitting the road with James Cordon for a very special Carpool Karaoke, Ed Sheeran joining the BBC Three crew from People Just Do Nothing, and an extra-long sofa of stars for chat-show supremo Graham Norton.

However it was Pointless chat-show host Richard Osman’s World Cup of Biscuits contest that caused the biggest reaction on Twitter. Over 5.6K Tweets were sent in three minutes at the announcement of the quarterfinal cookie contestants, with the live Twitter polls storming the top-Retweeted spots throughout the night. Whilst the legendary chocolate digestive eventually emerged victorious, Twitter engaged in a fiery debate that saw the #WCOB hashtag most-Tweeted after the official #ComicRelief and #RedNoseDay hashtags – mentioned over 11.3K times.

The evening also saw the release of the much-anticipated Love Actually sequel, featuring familiar faces from the classic film. Both the hashtags #RedNoseDayActually and #LoveActually made the Top 5 most Tweeted hashtags for the night, with “Love Actually” also mentioned 10,422 times during the event.

Overall, Comic Relief 2017 received a 63.4% share of Social TV activity for the whole of Friday, with an average of 189 Tweets sent every minute about the proceedings!

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