Developments and insights delivered at client event for the media industry in Moscow

Mediascope, our partner in Russia recently held their annual conference for in Moscow. The annual conference is the key event for the Russian media industry, bringing together over than 800 representatives.

The focus of the conference was the development of media research in Russia. Leading experts discussed the current measurement services across each media: TV, press, radio and internet and presented plans for its development for 2017.

Looking to the future

Opening the conference, Research Director of Mediasscope Vladimir Schipkov spoke about the impact of modern technologies on trends within the advertising and research industries. He noted that a rapid reaction of the advertising market to modern technologies created new challenges for media surveys.

An update on existing projects

Michael Raibman, Cross-media Research Director for Mediascope delivered an overview of the company's existing projects and noted that Mediascope would continue developing these projects according to international standards and technologies driven by Kantar Media and WPP.

TV Audience Measurement

“TV remains the key media in Russia in terms of its reach” noted Ksenia Achkasova, TV Research Director and Suanova Irina, Head of Analytics & Consulting, TV at Mediascope. They delivered the TV audience measurement strategy for the Russian industry to the attendees. Key elements of the strategy outlined, in addition to the development of the TV panel, were the development of Total Video and Return Path Data projects.

Printed press

Marina Luchina, Head of Press Research of Mediascope noted in her presentation that "the top-three categories of brands advertising in printed press in Russia are retail, clothing and health. In the first 3 quarters of 2016 the largest segments by advertising revenue were fashion magazines, magazines for women, daily newspapers, weekly and general business publications". Marina also spoke about the current state and plans of development of the National Readership Survey (NRS).


"The growth of the radio advertising market in the first 3 quarters of 2016 compared to the same period of 2015 is plus 7%" stated Yulia Nikolaeva, Head of Radio Research at Mediascope. Julia also discussed the main drivers of growth and key trends in the radio segment in Russia. The key plans for the Radio Index next year are to develop online measurement, to increase the share of online interviews in the project.


Inessa Ishunkina, Director of Internet research of Mediascope and Catherine Kurnosova, Senior Manager of Mobile Internet Measurements Group presented information about the audience of mobile applications in Russia in the cities 100 000+. 

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