Dimbleby Dominates Social TV Discussion

After ten long weeks, Dimbleby is back! Guests Jean-Claude Juncker, David Gauke, Dawn Butler, Kirsty Blackman and Will Self not only sparked heated debates on the show, but across Facebook and Twitter as viewers engaged with divisive topics including Brexit and Grenfell.

Twitter data shows that Question Time attracted engagement from a highly male user group, as 70.4% of Tweets came from men. However, activity on Facebook was less severely skewed with 63.9% of Interactions coming from Male accounts. Engagement was successfully encouraged, with #BBCQT topping our Hashtag charts on both Facebook and Twitter.
The most discussed guest on Twitter was Will Self, who was mentioned in 8.7% of Tweets, but Jacob Rees Mogg received the most direct Tweets, and his handle featured in 4.2% of Tweets. Though topical hashtags #Brexit and #Grenfell topped our Twitter charts across the day, comical phrases emerged when data was filtered down to the Broadcast Window level - #Dimbleties rose onto the list.

Overall, Question Time continues to engage a wide audience around shifting political landscapes and Brexit tensions. As a result, high initial Social Media activity, (21.5K Tweets and 3.6K Facebook Interactions on Thursday), continued into the weekend, with 10.4K Tweets and an increase to 5.1K Interactions on Friday. 

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