Glastonbury 2017 Takes Over Twitter

As it does every year, Glastonbury brought thousands of music fans to Somerset… and to their TVs! Three days of the biggest music festival created 124,688 Tweets and over 53M Impressions, but was it only music that got Tweeters talking?

The last day of Glastonbury attracted the highest number of Tweets – over 55K were sent across Sunday. Radiohead’s performance on Friday was definitely the highlight of the festival with the band being mentioned 6.4K times. Nearly 25% of this Twitter chatter expressed the sentiment of Admiration.

However, it wasn’t only music that had Tweeters chirping – Jeremy Corbyn’s appearance sparked a lot of chatter with 8,650 Tweets featuring ‘Corbyn’ and 6,786 mentioning ‘Jeremy’. Liam Gallagher’s tribute to the victims of the fire at Latimer Road placed #Grenfelltower on the fourth place of the Top Hashtag list. As the Social buzz shows, current affairs were especially prominent this year at Glastonbury.

With the insane chatter about reality show giants, Love Island and Big Brother, Glastonbury did  well by securing number three on our weekly Leaderboard and contributing to 5.6% of the TV Conversation. See you in two years Glasto!

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