Line of Duty reaches dramatic climax on BBC One

The dramatic conclusion to the fourth season of the popular BBC police drama was filled with action, plot twists, surprises and corruption. Twitter activity around the show soared, with Line of Duty ranking first in the Broadcast Leaderboard for Sunday, and second in the 24/7 Leaderboard.

Line of Duty was a Twitter talking point across the day, with over 60,000 Total Tweets. Activity rose at the beginning of the episode alongside fans' excitement, with over 3,800 Tweets in the first five minutes, with 19.7% of these displaying Excitement. The end of the pulse-raising finale sparked the most Twitter activity, with 1,419 Tweets sent in the final minute of the episode. As the mysterious balaclava man’s identity was revealed, #balaclavaman featured across 3% of all Tweets associated with Line of Duty on Sunday.

Richard Osman, Twitter handle @RichardOsman, posted the fourth most retweeted Tweet, suggesting Hastings to run for Prime Minister which boosted the use of #HastingsforPrimeMinister among viewers.

Overall, the finale generated 26.7M Impressions from over 60,000 Tweets. Many people were discussing the questions they were left with, mainly what to watch next!

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