Little Boy Blue Finale Tugs on Twitter's Heartstrings

The tragic story of 11-year-old schoolboy Rhys Jones has been moving ITV’s audience for four weeks. Consistently on our Leaderboard, Little Boy Blue’s finale hit the top of the ranking, generating 12,981 24/7 Tweets which created 6.4 M Impressions.

The final episode which followed the dramatic court case that resulted in Sean Mercer’s conviction left Tweeters undeniably touched and was responsible for Tweets containing emotions such as Admiration (26.2%), Sadness (24.1%) and Criticism (21.1%).  The highest amount Twitter activity was seen in the last minute of the finale with 424 Tweets sent within one minute.

The end of Little Boy Blue sparked conversations expressing disgust about Mercer’s behaviour in the court, as well as admiration for Jeff Pope’s drama.

Monday evening was dominated by the chatter around Little Boy Blue, which contributed to 3.2% of overall Social TV conversation.

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