Louis Theroux New Documentary Shocked Tweeters

One of the biggest documentary-makers is back with another dark (as suggested in the title) series telling a story of drug epidemics. The launch of the documentary series received 12.2K Tweets helping it reach number four on our Sunday 24/7 Leaderboard.

Louis Theroux is known for facing difficult topics and this time he is discovering the world of the deadliest drug epidemic in US history. As usual, his return to documentaries met with great feedback from the Twitter audience – 22.1% of Tweets contained Admiration Emotion. Surprisingly, the peak moment of the episode occurred right in the beginning with 231 posts at 21:03 when Tweeters tuned in to express their high expectations towards the new series. 

Louis Theroux topped the Most RT’d sections with his two Tweets which were RT’d 1411 times in total. Among the most RT’d Tweets was also BBC Two getting Tweeters ready for the brand new season. 

The new Louis Theroux series proved that Tweeters don’t shy away from difficult topics as the documentary received 8.4K Tweets and 4.3M Impressions within the Broadcast Window. 

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