Pretty Little Liars Finale Twist Shocks Twitter!

The final episode of Pretty Little Liars sparked a phenomenal 95,893 Tweets on Wednesday. Some Tweeters felt that the fast-paced finale was a fitting end to seven seasons of cliff hangers, couples and too many A’s to count.

Averaging 67 Tweets a minute, the buzz around PLL was fairly consistent across the whole day, with no notable peak minutes. The top hashtag #PLLendgame was used in 30,566 Tweets, with #PLLfinale and #PLLgameover also used frequently. The finale was still being discussed on Thursday, as 17,694 Tweets about the show were posted, generating 1.2M Impressions.

Although ‘Admiration’ was detected in 19.1% of Tweets on Wednesday, ‘Insults’ and ‘Criticism’ closely followed, and our Sentiment algorithm recorded 19.7% of all Tweets as negative. Some users were underwhelmed by the big reveal, with @Rebirving09’s tweet calling the evil twin’s English accent into question receiving over 1.3K Retweets.

 However, of the negative Tweets, 39.3% contained sadness as many dedicated fans discussed how much they’ll miss their favourite show.

Overall, the series generated considerable Twitter activity across the week, covering 13.6% of Wednesday's Social TV Twitter activity!

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