Return of Reality TV Rejuvenates Tweeters

This week, Love Island returned for its' third season, and Twitter went crazy over the singles in the sun! With 663K Tweets across the week,  Love Island featured in the Top 5 Tweeted about shows every single day, both in the Broadcast and 24/7 Leaderboards.

Monday’s launch sparked the most chatter, with 91.1K Unique Authors driving the total number of 24-7 Tweets to 197,704 in total. Twitter was talking about Blazin’ Squad almost as much as Marcel was, with #BlazingSquad appearing in the Top 5 hashtags, and ‘Marcel’ mentioned over 19.6K times. 

Tweeters chatted about the girls significantly more than the guys while watching the first episode, with Jess and Montana appearing the most in the Tag Cloud. The peak minute was at 22:34, as people reacted to Jess swiping Dom from Montana. Interestingly, Admiration and Insults were the two most common Emotions as Tweeters discussed the bold move.

Over the whole week, 67.4% of users Tweeting about Love Island were female, and 72% were between 13 and 24. Generating 662,894 Total Tweets across the week, Love Island Series 3 is off to a strong start on Twitter!

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