The Betrayed Girls Left Tweeters Outraged!

An explosive BBC documentary exposing the Rochdale grooming scandal that had been buried for years contributed to heated debates on Monday evening, and accounted for 13.3K Tweets and 5.1M Impressions within the Broadcast Window. The Betrayed Girls has been the only documentary that made it to the Top Ten on our Leaderboard this month.

The documentary telling the story of underage teen girls who were drugged and then violently raped by older men spiked nearly 28% Tweets containing Criticism. The peak minute occurred outside the Broadcast Window at 22.12 while Tweeters contested the issue of the scandal being dropped as not to exasperate race relations. The most spoken of was Sara Rowbotham, a sexual health worker who revealed the ongoing scandal - #sararowbotham was mentioned 212 times in the Twitter chatter which was second biggest hashtag.

A staggering 92.1% of Tweeters were aged over 35 and the majority were male (57.7%).

Overall, The Betrayed Girls reached 9th place on our weekly Leaderboard and contributed to 2.7% of all Social conversations on Monday.

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