The 10 Golden Rules of Audience Measurement for TV & Video

The world of media consumption is evolving at an ever-rapid pace, and the audience measurement industry has a responsibility to evolve alongside it.

At Kantar Media we recognise the need for clarity and certainty about the current and future best practice for audience measurement so we’ve laid out a set of 10 Golden Rules.

These embody our view of where audience measurement stands now and, more importantly, where it is going. We hope you find them a useful guide to the continuing evolution of the measurement industry. 

Click on each of the rules below to read more about them or see the infographic here.

Number 1 hybrid approaches to measurement are preferable
Number 2 gold standard panels remain at the heart of accurate measurement
Number 3 future ready metering is essential
number 4 streaming measurement requires a granular and consistent approach
number 5 a panel is only as good as the sample it's built on
number 6 data privacy and security have never been more important
number 7 an open and transparent approach to measurement builds trust
number 8 one size does not fit all
number 9 the power of audience data can be enhanced
Number 10 easy and insightful access to the data is essential