The Handmaid's Tale struck a chord with Female Tweeters!

The first episode of the on-screen adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s classic dystopian novel proved popular among UK Twitter users, with 31.7% of Tweets about the show containing Positive sentiment.

Overt themes of the repression and the subjugation of women struck a chord with Female Tweeters, who posted 71.7% of Tweets about the show. Many on Twitter linked Offred’s experiences to current issues of the present day, with ‘Women’, ‘Reality’ and ‘Trump’ appearing in the Tag Cloud for the show.

The peak minute of Twitter activity came at the end of the broadcast at 22:14 when Offred revealed her real name, defying her repression.

Overall, the show generated 9,269 Total Tweets across the day, and 6,199 in the Broadcast Window. It also was the only non-political show to place in the top five for the Broadcast and the 24/7 Leaderboards on Sunday.

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