The Last Leg Brings Twitter Together!

Launching ‘The Great Get Together’ weekend, which celebrated Labour MP Jo Cox’s belief that we have more in common than not, the extended Last Leg episode ‘ReUnited Kingdom’ fully engaged Twitter with the aim of rejecting current divisive politics.

Twitter loved this refreshing break from heated coverage around the election, terrorist attacks and a polarised population, with an average of 36 Tweets a minute about the show. The Last Leg special featured a mix of politicians, including Tony Blair and Ed Balls, alongside pop stars, comedians and models to emphasise the strength of unity in times of uncertainty. This resonated strongly on Twitter as #thegreatgettogether, #makeitok and #chooselove all featured in the Top 5 hashtags about the episode.

The peak minute was at 21:27 with 1,698 Tweets, when the Last Leg’s official account asked users to change their profiles to the same image to promote solidarity. Not only was this the most re-Tweeted post, but it helped to spark over 20,000 Tweets that used the Hashtag #MoreInCommon.

Overall, this feel-good special went down well on Twitter, generating 51.7K Total Tweets across Friday with ‘Positive Sentiment’ detected in 20.5% of Tweets.

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