Britain's Got Talent returns for Series 11

This week’s instalment welcomed Ellie Simmonds, Jonnie Peacock, Hannah Cockroft and Liam Malone to discuss the World Para Athletics Championships in London. The return to the show’s original focus proved popular on Twitter, generating 11.2K Tweets across the day.

With 9.8K Tweets posted within the Broadcast Window alone, The Last Leg was the third biggest Broadcast on Friday in terms of Twitter activity, beaten only by reality giants Big Brother and Love Island. Dwarfing the figures of the usual hashtags for The Last Leg, #RupertMurdochsBalls featured in 60.1% of all 11.2K Tweets about the show on Saturday. This was driven by a post from the official Last Leg account which included an interesting picture. This Tweet, which was the most Re-Tweeted about the show, also sparked the biggest minute of Twitter activity, with 1,262 Tweets posted at 22:12.

Overall, respect for the incredible athletes and appreciation of the sarcastic comedy style of Adam Hills resonated well on Twitter and sparked 11.2K Total Tweets, 1.8M Impressions and 10.1K Likes across Saturday.

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