Twitter Loves Reality TV!

What a week for reality TV! Love Island came to a close on Monday, with Kem and Amber voted to victory, and on Friday we saw Isabelle take the Big Brother crown!

The Love Island final sparked 375.0K Tweets on Monday, and its broadcast attracted a record-breaking amount of viewers and 277.2K Tweets. The peak minute was 22:33 as 5.7K Unique Authors took to Twitter to panic about what to do with their evenings from now on! Despite finishing third, Chris and Olivia still dominated Twitter chatter, and were both in the top 5 most mentioned phrases.

Generating a whopping 34.1K Tweets over the course of the day, and 20.5K within the Broadcast window, the Big Brother finale was the biggest day and broadcast for Tweets this series. 'Isabelle' was the second most used word according to our Tag Cloud, featuring in 7.6K Tweets. The peak minute for Twitter activity came at 22:17 as people celebrated Isabelle's victory in real time with 586 Tweets posted.

Overall, it's safe to say that Twitter loves Reality TV with both shows consistently topping our 24-7 and Broadcast Leaderboards across the last couple of months.

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