Winter is Here but Twitter Heats Up over Game of Thrones

Winter is here! After drumming up anticipation throughout July by airing every Game of Thrones episodes so far, the simulcast of Season 7 this morning on Sky Atlantic attracted 28.7K Tweets in the Broadcast Window.

Across the week, 178.7K Tweets were posted about Game of Thrones, generating 40.2M Impressions and 277.7K Likes. Anticipation around ‘Dragonstone’ has been immense on Twitter, with our Sentiment algorithm detecting it in 16.9K Tweets, and the simple ‘1 day. #WinterisHere’ post by the official Game of Thrones account was Re-Tweeted 2.4K times.

Peak activity occurred on Sunday, with 94,730 Tweets posted in the Broadcast Window of the season premiere. The busiest minute on Twitter was at 02:00, as excited fans took to Twitter while the iconic theme began to play, with over 47% of the 797 Tweets containing ‘WinterisHere’. Ed Sheeran posted the top two Tweets in terms of Impressions on Sunday, teasing fans about a potential cameo in the episode, with the biggest acquiring 1.2M Impressions and 20.8K likes.

Overall, it’s clear that Twitter is more than ready to venture back to Westeros as Game of Thrones secures a position In the Top Five Broadcasts of the week, and the Top Five Programmes of the week too.

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