Reaching the right target audience on the right online forum

Evaluating the right mix of PC sites, mobile sites and apps

You would expect the online preferences of fundamentally distinct groups of consumers to be very different and you would of course be right. But what about the way they engage with the different manifestations of online? For example, how does a parent of young children engage with PC sites, vs mobile sites, vs apps? For a successful online campaign, recognising the differences and calibrating the your campaign accordingly is critical.

We have produced a report examining how some of the most distinct ‘lifestages’ engage with these different kinds of online activity, by leveraging the metered, passively collected data of visits to mobile sites, apps and PC sites from our TGI Clickstream service.

The report, ‘Reaching the right lifestages online’, explores four lifestage groups...

  • Fledglings aged 15-34, neither married nor living as a couple, do not live with son or daughter and live with parents.
  • Flown the Nest aged 15-34, neither married nor living as a couple and do not live with relations
  • Primary School Parents live with son/daughter and the youngest child is aged 5-9
  • Empty Nesters  aged 55+, married/living as couple and do not live with son/daughter
Here, we reveal top level insights from the report:

Fledglings look for both schooling and fun

Relative to other consumers who go online via PC, Fledglings are especially likely to use PC sites for their most serious matters, especially sites on education and money. When it comes to apps, they are especially likely to use these for getting things done on the go, with the likes of Polaris Office Viewer featuring prominently alongside the more social-oriented apps you would expect, including Tumblr. For mobile sites, a mix of practical and frivolous rank alongside each other, with and both prominent.

Empty Nesters take a very practical, no-nonsense approach

Empty Nesters who visit PC sites are likely, relative to other online PC users, to research their family history, as well as browse stores online. Strikingly, their app use is very media-focussed, with the likes of the Guardian, BBC and Sky all featuring very prominently. Their mobile site usage is very different again, with a strong bias towards planning shopping for everyday items, with the likes of Aldi, Wickes and Homebase all towards the top of the list.

Such differences by type of online access abound for other lifestages as well and these insights can be leveraged to significantly enhance campaigns. All the more so when digging down to how sites and apps are engaged with – whether, for example, one particular site comes out strongly for time spent on it, whilst another is better for number of visits.  .

For more detailed insights to help guide your advertising campaign, download our free report into online behaviour trends.


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