Black Friday: Whose Advertising Made You Spend?

by Steven Perlberg, The Wall Street Journal

Big American retailers unleashed a flood of ad dollars into the November television market. Now that Black Friday weekend is over, new data reveals which stores got the most foot traffic as a result.

Between Nov. 3 and Nov. 26, Wal-Mart spent $70.7 million on TV ads, the most of any retailer, according to data from Kantar Media. But Wal-Mart also spent the least in terms of “cost per visitor,” a proxy for return on ad investment. Macy’s, for example, spent $33.8 million over the same time period, but paid five times as much as Wal-Mart per visitor.

Wal-Mart spent $1.9 million on TV ads for every 1% share of Black Friday weekend visitors, the data shows. Target, in comparison, spent $4.7 million, while Kmart spent $4.8 million.

The figures reveal that while big retailers like Wal-Mart and Target often spend the most on advertising, they also benefit from their scale — the large number of stores they own and vast array of merchandise they carry, according to Jon Swallen, Kantar Media’s chief research officer.

In order to tabulate the cost per visitor, Kantar Media merged its ad spending data with Placed, a measurement firm that tracks a panel of smartphone users to see where they shopped over the Black Friday weekend.

The companies’ data estimates how many consumers visited stores. As for how much they spend, early estimates from the National Retail Federation suggest that Black Friday weekend sales were weak, as retailers spread out deals across the days and weeks before the holiday and more Americans shopped online.

Here are the full numbers:

Retailer Ad Spend

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