Kantar Media reveals the most-used words in food advertising

by Ashley Nickle, The Packer

Fruits and vegetables check many of the boxes when it comes to the words being used to sell food.

Research firm Kantar Media examined the most-used words in food advertising for 2017 and for 2013. For the 2017 group, words that popped off the page included artificial, real, protein, fresh, natural and calories. Several years earlier, the words natural, fresh, protein, calories, real and healthy made the top six.

“I think the biggest difference is the word healthy has gone away,” said Darcy Douglas, director of account solutions at Kantar Media.

She noted that while healthy still shows up on the larger list, its prominence has decreased.

“I think it’s around the specificity of the word,” Douglas said. “Fresh, natural, I think really speak to true product attributes. Healthy definitely has a wide, wide definition and really could encompass many different things.

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